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The 3 Step Solution To Toe Scar Trauma
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5 Natural Treatments That Actually Work
After more than 20 years in the industry I've tried a lot of "natural" remedies. The problem however is that only a handful work, and the ones that don't can often cause more harm than good.

Learn the top 5 most effective natural scar remedies you can use everyday to reduce the appearance of your scars over time...
The 3 Step Process To Eliminating Scars Forever
In 2016 after an emotional appointment with one of my clients, I became aware of the severe traumas associated with toe scaring and the impact it had been having on women who for years had been suffering in silence (full story on chapter 1).

I soon realised this went far beyond a physical blemish and decided to see if I could use my years of podiatry experience, combined with the latest state of the art treatments to solve what seemed to be a rapidly growing problem experienced by women of colour.

After years of research and countless brainstormings with the best podiatrists and dermatologists from around the world, I pioneered what I call the "Toe Lift" procedure. A 3-step, pain free solution to eliminating toe scars once and for all and it's had some incredible results...
My Personalised 12-Week AfterCare Programme
Every Toe Lift includes a personalised 12-week after care programme designed around the individual to ensure the best results possible!

From silicone creams and gel sheetings to hand moulded toe cushions that fit seamlessly into your shoes, everything is included completely free of charge....
This Ebook is the result of over 10 years of research, experiences & meetings with some of the best podiatrists and dermatologists from around world!   

Is Your Ebook Really Free?

Yes. After realising how many of my clients were suffering in silence from toe scars, I made it my mission to help as many people as I could. 

Making this ebook free helps to get this information out to the thousands of women around the world that are still suffering, but are not yet aware that there's a really simple, pain free solution they can begin using right away!

If you know somebody that may benefit from this information please feel free to share this Ebook.

How Long Before My Scars Disappear?

Everybody heals at different speeds depending on a variety of different factors.

Most women however notice a drastic improvement immediately after the procedure, with toe scars vanishing after completing their aftercare programme.

In extreme cases, some clients may require a second procedure prior to starting the aftercare programme in order to eliminate toe scars for good.

Who Is This For?

The information in this ebook will help all women regardless of their ethnic background. The Toe Lift procedure however, has been designed especially for women of colour (full explanation inside ebook).

Do I Need Medication?

No. This procedure is completely pain free and requires no follow up medication to aid recovery.

Where's My Ebook!?

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There's a reason they call me... "Dr. Foot"
With over two decades of podiatry expertise, two specialist clinics (in the U.K) and hundreds of happy customers,
I made it my life's mission to help people from all walks of life, walk in comfort no matter how severe their problem...
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But, it didn't stop there...
After an emotional consultation with a client (full story on chapter 1 of my new Ebook) I went on a mission that ended up taking me around the world, meeting the best podiatrist around to see if they could help me solve a growing problem that was affecting hundreds of women. After years of trials and testing, I proudly present;
  • Pioneering Technology: The Toe Lift procedure is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development in podiatry...
  • 3 Step Process: Eliminate your toe scaring forever in 3 steps, without the need for any painful surgery or heavy medication...
  • Personalised Aftercare: Everybody's unique. Get aftercare specially designed just for you and your feet....
This is what my customers are saying about me...
Before I met Abid I was terrified of wearing sandals on the beach because of the amount of scars all over my feet and toes. After 3 appointments they were gone and I had my confidence back!

Monique Doe

I've been using the 5 natural treatments in your Ebook on my scars everyday for about 3 months now and the results are unbelievable. Who would have thought you could get such amazing results from nature!

Erim Ali
I hated the discolouration on my toes and was ashamed to seek help for it. This ebook made me feel like everything would be ok, then 4 appointments later my scars had gone forever! Thank you so much Abid you are a life saver!

Kelly Knowles

The 3 Step Solution To Toe Scar Trauma
The breakthrough solution to discoloured, risen, lesions on toes.  
Written by, Abid Hussain
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  • 100% Natural: Natural remedies that you can start using today to get better results tomorrow...
  • Clinically Approved: The techniques showcased are the exact ones I use on my actual clients...
  • Pioneering Treatment: This breakthrough treatment is exclusive to Dr Foot Clinics...
  • Personalised Aftercare: Every person is different. That's why the aftercare is tailored to you...

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